Dress & shirt

Well – finally I have moved on from ‘bottoms’. I’m sure I’ll be back but I think the fundamentals of skirt making have more or less sunk in. So now that I have some time off work I’ve got another full time occupation which is basically sharing my time between being hunched over fabric & pattern on the floor, and hunched swearing over my sewing machine. Oh and don’t forget the obligatory hours of internet research.

theatre dress

Burdastyle Theatre Dress

This time though, I’ve got help. I bought a really good tutorial on Craftsy called ‘Sew the perfect fit’. I am not saying for one second I can now fit any garment, but I CAN go running to the teacher asking a million questions every 5 minutes. Problem is she’s in California so with the time difference it’s slow progress.

During one of these time zone hiatuses I decided to have a mini break from the dress and try this great vintage shirt pattern. Muslin completed in a full day. Quite pleased with it but it’s too tight around the shoulder blades and bust. Reached for scissors. Watch this space.


Simplicity western shirt


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